Conrail in the Norfolk Southern / CSX Era Vol 1: 1999-2004

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Conrail in the Norfolk Southern / CSX Era 

Vol 1: 1999-2004

By Stephen M. Timko.

Cloth with dust jacket, 8.5x11.5", 128 coated pages, color photos throughout. September 2020.

"Volume 1 of a two-part series features the former Conrail system between 1999 - 2004, an east-to-west examination of how CSX and NS moved traffic, with a mix of motive power and facilities.

"It begins with a brief look at Conrail’s final days and dives into the operations at Split. Lines spun off by Conrail to other operators such as Corman, Finger Lakes, and others are also included."

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