Iron Empires: Robber Barons, Railroads, and the Making of Modern America

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Iron Empires

Robber Barons, Railroads, and the Making of Modern America

By Michael Hitzlik.

Cloth with dust jacket, 9.1x5.9", 448 pages, bibliography, index. July 2020.

"From Pulitzer Prize-winner Michael Hiltzik, the epic tale of the clash for supremacy between America's railroad titans"

"Hiltzik examines the rise and fall of the American railroad industry in this colorful, wide-ranging account...Hiltzik writes with verve, providing meaningful insights into the shocking inequalities of the Gilded Age. Business history buffs will be enthralled by this character-driven account." - Publishers Weekly

"Lively storytelling and accessible writing makes Hiltzik's work suitable for all types of readers interested in railroad history." - Library Journal

"Unbridled ambition, greed, corruption, 'creative destruction,' and a bit of conscience - Michael Hiltzik's vivid account of the railroad barons in the Gilded Age shows us the workings of unbridled capitalism at its zenith (or nadir, as the case may be). The names Morgan, Harriman, Pullman, Hill, Villard, Rockefeller will forever be associated with creating America's first great infrastructure and making America 'modern.'" - Gordon H. Chang, author of Ghosts of Gold Mountain: The Epic Story of the Chinese Who Built the Transcontinental Railroad"

"In 1869, when the final spike was driven into the Transcontinental Railroad, few were prepared for its seismic aftershocks. Once a hodgepodge of short, squabbling lines, America's railways soon exploded into a titanic industry helmed by a pageant of speculators, crooks, and visionaries. The vicious competition between empire builders such as Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jay Gould, J. P. Morgan, and E. H. Harriman sparked stock market frenzies, panics, and crashes; provoked strikes that upended the relationship between management and labor; transformed the nation's geography; and culminated in a ferocious two-man battle that shook the nation's financial markets to their foundations and produced dramatic, lasting changes in the interplay of business and government.

"Spanning four decades and featuring some of the most iconic figures of the Gilded Age, Iron Empires reveals how the robber barons drove the country into the twentieth century - and almost sent it off the rails."

"MICHAEL HILTZIK is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author who has covered business, technology, and public policy for the Los Angeles Times for three decades. He currently serves as the Times's business columnist and hosts its business blog, The Economy Hub. Hiltzik received the 1999 Pulitzer Prize for articles exposing corruption in the entertainment industry. He lives in Southern California with his wife and two children."

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