New York and the Lincoln Specials

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New York and the Lincoln Specials

The President's Pre-Inaugural and Funeral Trains Cross the Empire State

By Joseph D. Collea, Jr.

Softcover, 7x10", 295 pages, 51 photos, 16 maps, appendices, notes, bibliography, index. 2018.

"Abraham Lincoln’s presidency was bookended by a pair of dramatic railroad trips through the state of New York.

"His first term began with a pre-inaugural railway tour—his second ended with a funeral train. Each was a five-day crossing of the Empire State. These two journeys allowed thousands of ordinary Americans first to celebrate, and later to mourn, the great president, and became indelibly etched in the memories of those who had the opportunity to stand along parade route.

"Drawing on newspaper accounts, memoirs and diaries, this book brings to life the two epic and unique moments in both New York's and the nation's history."

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