Passenger Trains of Texas: Cotton Belt

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Passenger Trains of Texas

Cotton Belt

By Steve Allen Goen.

color laminated hardcover, 8.5x11.25", 144 pages, color and b/w images, advertising and newspaper coverage. 2019.

"Passenger Trains of Texas - Cotton Belt covers the passenger operations of the St. Louis Southwestern Railway from the Victorian Era of the 1890s up until the line's final mixed train service was discontinued to Gatesville in 1958.

"Chapters include passenger operations on

  • the Stephenville, North & South Texas Railroad
  • the Addison to Fort Worth line
  • the Hillsboro Branch
  • the Waco-Gatesville line during World War II
  • the JITNEY doodlebug between Tyler and Lufkin
  • the Waco-Mt. Pleasant line
  • the LONE STAR between Dallas and Memphis
  • the MORNING STAR to Dallas
  • the Sherman Branch; Trains 7 & 8 between Tyler and St. Louis
  • Trains 107 & 108 between Dallas and Mt. Pleasant
  • the Waco-McGregor-Gatesville mixed train.
  • "Chapters are arranged in date order of the Cotton Belt discontinuing passenger service across Texas."

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