Rails Across America: Railway Journeys in Art Vol 9

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Railway Journeys in Art Vol 9

Rails Across America

By Richard Furness.

Cloth with dust jacket, , 12x9.5" landscape format, 272 pages. February 2020.

"The Poster to Poster series is a nine-volume definitive collection of British railway posters which showcases many of the railway posters from the National Railway Museum at York and other museums and galleries. Each volume is a mixture of travel documentary, geographical and historical study, graphic artists' reference and poster database - all interlinked using the central theme of railway posters.

"This 9th volume, takes a journey from around the USA from the east to the west coast. The result is a stunning artistic guide to North American destinations and railway poster heritage. This is a high quality production and is fully illustrated with beautiful and memorable posters. it is a stunning book that should appeal to everyone, not just railway enthusiasts. Foreword by Nicholas Lowry, Swann Galleries NYC

"A marvellous series, and lovingly compiled books'. Michael Palin.

'Throughout the pages in this book, American railway posters represent some of the best creativity and graphic design found within the genre (just look at Sascha Maurer's creations in this volume advertising skiing and beaches alike)'. Nicholas Lowry, Swann Galleries NYC

"Dr Richard Furness has been interested in railways from his earliest recollections. Living close to the railway lines in the historic and industrial part of East Shropshire, he grew up to the sights, smells and sounds of the steam locomotives. He is better known as a leading international expert on flow measurement. He is currently the only person to hold Fellow Status in both the American and UK professional engineering societies in Measurement and Control. Writing books on railway-related subjects, as he has been doing for the past 15 years, is the evening job! He is the author of the successful and critically-acclaimed Poster to Poster series."

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