Santa Fe Steam Pictorial Vol 17 California Division, LA - Barstow

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Santa Fe Steam Vol 17

California Division, Los Angeles to Barstow

By Jeff Ainsworth.

Staple bound, 8x11" horizontal format, 66 pages, b/w photos. 2019.

"We begin in Los Angeles at Santa Fe’s roundhouse.

  • Redondo Jct. up through the ready tracks of 8th street yard and pulling out of LA Union Passenger Terminal Toward Pasadena
  • Next is the first station out of LA - the Water St. station
  • On to Olga near the tall steel trestle over the Arroyo Seco
  • Then Pasadena, where we see a variety of steam locomotives on a variety of passeger trains at the Pasadena depot
  • Next to Lamanda Park depot
  • Monrovia along Duarte Road
  • Now we come to San Bernardino: "San Berdoo" gives a variety of engines here from shop switcher to 4-8-4 and lots in between
  • Heading northward and along the railroad east at Verdemont
  • Cajon siding, where the real climb to the summit of Cajon Pass
  • Near Sullivan's Curve, where the cover photos were shot featuring 3885 & 2920
  • Several photos on the climb including at least one crossing over the narrow two laner on the steel through-girder
  • Over Route 66 (today this area is filled with up to 6 lanes in each direction of Interstate 15; sections of Route 66 remain as dirt roads across the area
  • Just before the summit we find a 4-8-2 Mountain helper with Santa Fe's only E-3A-B No. 11
  • At summit, the light engine park: helpers that had been cut off waiting to return to San Berdoo Victorville
  • And a couple of 4-8-4s with the Shriner's Annual convention cars
  • Shots around Hesperia, and several at Frost where Santa Fe's north & south cross each other
  • Victorville: a light helper with soot covered white flags
  • On into Barstow: between Victorville and Barstow, at this date old Route 66 parallels the tracks all the way before the recent widening of Interstate 15
  • And Barstow - a few locomotives by the roundhouse and one at front of the depot - a Harvey House (now restored)
  • Enjoy the Journey!"


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