Transportation and the American People

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Transportation and the American People

By H. Roger Grant.

Cloth with dust jacket, 7x10", 264 pages. 2019.

"Transportation is the unsung hero in America’s story. Stagecoaches, waterways, canals, railways, busses, and airplanes revolutionized much more than just the way people got around; they transformed the economic, political, and social aspects of everyday life.

"In Transportation and the American People, renowned historian H. Roger Grant tells the story of American transportation. Early advances like stagecoaches and canals allowed traders, business, and industry to expand across the nation, setting the stage for modern developments like transcontinental railways and busses that would forever reshape the continent. Grant provides a compelling and thoroughly researched narrative of the social history of travel, shining a light on the role of transportation in shaping the country and on the people who helped build it."

"H. Roger Grant is Kathryn and Calhoun Lemon Professor of History at Clemson University. He is author of numerous books available here at, including:

Table of Contents



1. Steady but Uncomfortable: Stagecoaches and the American People

2. Waterways and the American People

3. Slow and Steady: Canals and the American People

4. Railways and the American People

5. Buses and the American People

6. Airplanes and the American People